Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Here are some recent finds
from our thrifting the past few weeks. 

I had recently found these  Pyrex bowls while thrifting,
but they had no lids.
Bingo!  This one did.  Perfect size for leftovers.
One of my newer interests is refrigerator dishes.
This almost qualifies.

We found these at our local
Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
Ten file jackets for $1?  Too good to pass up.
I bought 3 packs, but will go back to see if they have any left.
An organizing project is in the works using these.

This color keeps popping up for me.

Excuse the wrinkles.
I don't iron.

Here's another color that keeps finding me.
Each one of these shirts was $3 at my new favorite thrift store.
Five shirts for $15? 
I don't think you're gonna find that in any retail store!

My new favorite shirt.
One of the best things about used clothing is that
having been washed many times, it is oh-so soft.

Big K found this at work.
It was in the throw away pile.
He called to see if I could use it.
Are you kidding me?

Look at all the storage!
I sense another organizing project down the line!

Hope you find some treasures soon that need a new home!


  1. Daisy - love the expanding box. Can think of loads of things to keep in there. But perhaps you'll use it for your craft supplies?


  2. It would appear the fall organizing bug is starting to bite.
    You found some goodies there. Makes ya wonder, doesn't it, why people toss perfectly good stuff.....

  3. Score! Looks like you had a very bountiful week.

  4. Dani-It would make a great craft box.

    Sue-Yes, foks are too used to disposing of everything.

    Jane-Rich indeed. ;0)


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