Friday, September 23, 2011

Recycle Those Bulbs!

These amaryllis bulbs were purchased from a local gardener.
Her front yard is covered in blooms in March.
I had added them to this new bed just last year.
Here's how they looked a few months back.

These are SO easy! 
Like most bulbs, they ask for very little
and resurface each year
like princesses awakening from a long nap.

I love the pop of color they add to the surrounding greenery.

However, I am working on subduing
and simplifying the front yard
and have decided to put in a blue garden.
So, these have to be relocated.

I think I originally bought 5 or 6 bulbs.
As you can see, these babies regenerate over and over.
They are easily divided by pulling the bulbs
away from each other.  As long as there are roots,
they will regrow.  I trim the roots a bit
before replanting in their new location.

They are being used in the backyard for a splash of color
in the back of the bed.

They follow the curve we have created
and will be a sprinkling of contrast behind the saltbush.
The neighbor behind me will have a nice show.

You can learn more about amaryllis here.
Get yourself some bulbs
and enjoy the carefree rewards!

Autumn is here!