Monday, September 5, 2011

Repurposing in the Garden

One thing I've always leaned toward is independence. 
I enjoy figuring out how to make do with what I have.
I guess it's the homesteader in me.

This used to be a water jug.
Now it works well as a scoop for the soil mix we use in the garden.

It holds a good amount, so adding the mix to pots
or the veggie garden is a breeze.

Another is used as a watering can.
The spout on one side can be used for slow watering
and the open side when you need a good deluge.

This is the twine that came with the pine straw mulch.

Why not reuse it for the square-foot garden
or staking tall plants?

The best tools God ever made.

Enjoy your Labor Day!

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