Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Van, Organized

Meet Molly.
She is one wonderful vehicle.
She's reliable, roomy and best of all,
she has TONS of storage.

She is also for sale.
We decided we need something a bit smaller,
as our plans to adopt other children have changed.
I'll be sorry to see her go but,
I know she'll be great for a big family.

After our road trip,
she needed a good cleaning.
What better time to reorganize as well?

Having wipes and hand washing gel is vital,
especially if you have kids or critters in the car.

Another container of wipes and a first aid kit
fit in the center console.
Being prepared helps in a crisis.
You just never know...

Under the dash,
we have a roomy drawer for several items.

We keep a few plastic bags, a flashlight,
and the phone charge chord.
The other object is a special instrument
just for carrying in your vehicle.
It has a flashlight on it,
but also a blade to cut off your seat belt
and a hammer-type head to smash glass
should you need to exit in an emergency.
Here in Florida, we hear about a lot of folks
driving off the roads into canals. 

Rain gear is stored under one of the back seats.

Jumper cables at the ready,
though Molly has never needed them.

Behind the front seats,
there is ample room for kiddie activity books,
drawing paper, and an extra shopping bag.

Lil' Guy keeps his headphones here,
along with workbooks and
scratch paper to jot down his many ideas.

There's a bin between the two back seats for Lil' Guy's
stuff.  (He made it himself at a Home Depot workshop.)
I plan to get a larger one, as he always brings books
wherever we go, and this bin is a bit too small.

A towel or two comes in handy
if you get caught in a rainshower.

This dog-bone pillow is THE most comfortable for long trips.
The blanket is comforting during those chilly evenings.

The last row of seats is usually kept down.
Lots of room in the back
for groceries, plants or luggage.

An extra blanket and a couple of small pillows
I made myself rest here.

In Florida, you NEED one of these.  A sunshield.
For all of those parking lots that have no shade,
it's a must. 

Ready to hit the road!

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