Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee to the Rescue!

This sago palm was placed here by the builder of our home.
I'm not a tropical or palm kinda gal,
so I would never have thought to add it to the landscaping.

Now that I've watched it go through it's transformation,
I have to say that it's pretty impressive.

The fronds put on quite a show when they unfurl.

Then this happens.
Scaly white growth on the underside of the fronds.
Not only looks unsightly,
but you just know it can't be a good thing.
What to do?

Coffee grounds save the day!

We simply apply it to the crown of the plant,
as well as around the base.
A "tea" can also be made by mixing grounds with water
and adding it around the base of the plant.

Works like a charm!