Saturday, September 17, 2011

Slow It Down

Have you heard of the SlowFood movement?
It's an organization that encourages folks
to slow down and enjoy their food.
With the epidemic of fast food threatening
our country with health and weight issues,
it's an idea whose time has come.

Today is the kickoff of the $5 challenge.
Here's the challenge: 
Cook slow food for the same price as fast food.

We eat slow every day,
but it's great to see the movement taking shape.
The SlowFood website even has recipes to help those
who need ideas on meeting the goal
of eating for $5 or less per person.
Good, REAL food doesn't have to cost more.
Whatcha cookin' tonight?


  1. Anyone with old cookbooks can do this challenge without any problems. Simple meals are always the best, and the older cookbooks usually are recipes with short lists of simple ingredients that everyone has in their cupboards.
    We eat "slow" too--so much better tasting (and better for us too)
    A lot of the "new" recipes always have funny ingredients (and LOTS of them) that require a trip to the store for items rarely used.

  2. I like to eat very slow, first you put the seed in the ground, then you wait 120 days for the food to appear ;)

  3. Sue-I totally agree with you.



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