Monday, September 26, 2011

Feed Store Heaven

Feed stores just do it for me.
There's something about the sights, smells
and vintage feel that grabs my senses
and makes me feel right at home.
The cream of the crop is Doty's
right here in my own town.

While many businesses are suffering with the economy,
this place always seems to be hoppin'.
It's mostly 'cause they know their stuff.
Folks around here know it's THE place to go
for supplies, information and interesting conversation.

They always make you feel welcome.

Back-to-basics is the theme here.
Works for me!

This is where we get our pine straw for mulching our beds.

Love the old-time atmosphere.
No fancy displays.

Interesting decor, no?

You can find an array of ornamental plants for purchase.

As well as edible seedlings...

and things to help keep them growing.

A good selection of seeds can be found,
including organic and heirloom varieties.

Things here are sold in bulk.
Whenever I venture in,
I take a step back in time.
This place has been open for over 50 years.
I hope it's around for at least another fifty.

We always take time to say hello
to these cuties.
Some day we'll be picking ours up too!
Visit your local feed store
and see what they've got!