Monday, September 26, 2011

Feed Store Heaven

Feed stores just do it for me.
There's something about the sights, smells
and vintage feel that grabs my senses
and makes me feel right at home.
The cream of the crop is Doty's
right here in my own town.

While many businesses are suffering with the economy,
this place always seems to be hoppin'.
It's mostly 'cause they know their stuff.
Folks around here know it's THE place to go
for supplies, information and interesting conversation.

They always make you feel welcome.

Back-to-basics is the theme here.
Works for me!

This is where we get our pine straw for mulching our beds.

Love the old-time atmosphere.
No fancy displays.

Interesting decor, no?

You can find an array of ornamental plants for purchase.

As well as edible seedlings...

and things to help keep them growing.

A good selection of seeds can be found,
including organic and heirloom varieties.

Things here are sold in bulk.
Whenever I venture in,
I take a step back in time.
This place has been open for over 50 years.
I hope it's around for at least another fifty.

We always take time to say hello
to these cuties.
Some day we'll be picking ours up too!
Visit your local feed store
and see what they've got!


  1. We had a place like this in the town we used to live in. It was my first stop when I moved to the country--they handed out good advice, found a renter for my unused acreage and even gave me a job years later when I was getting a divorce. Your's looks much nicer-I love those places. They sell "just enough"--and all you need! Thanks for the memories. I wish I had a place like that now.

  2. Oh my gosh, Daisey, you bring back such memories for me! There was a feed store down from my folks in Maryland where we used to go pick up our horse and dog food. To this day I can remember the wonderful barn-y smell, the cute chicks and ducks in the spring, the old cats snoozing on the feed sacks and running my hands through the enormous barrels of seeds. Next time I go home to visit, I'll have to stop by, just for memory's sake. These places hold magic, don't they? Thanks for the smile. :)

  3. Oops! Please pardon for the name mis-pelling!

  4. Love it! We have a similar place near our new house. Not as much hardware, but tons of seed, plants and pet stuff.

  5. So, now I am jealous of your feed store. :) I love how you can purchase things in bulk- I wish ours was like that! But alas, all we have is big, boring bags of commercially mixed feed. Thanks so much for sharing with the Homestead Barn Hop this week!

  6. I need to get over there and check that place out.

  7. Love your feed store!! I absolutely love visiting good ol' feed stores- love all your pictures. Makes me want to go into our town's feed store just to look around! Great post :)

  8. Love the feeds store...I smiled when seeing the picture of baby chicks...not sure if I've ever seen that sight before in a general store. Really cool!


  9. Sue-Glad it brought back good memories.

    Kat-Magic is right. ;0)

    Kim-Hope you enjoy your new place!

    Jill-Thanks for stopping by!

    Susan-It's worth the trip over!

    April's Homemaking-You never know what you might find! Enjoy!

    Connie-Thanks for visiting!

  10. Daisy I worked in a feed store for 5 years and still love the smell of fresh ground corn and molasses. The change of seasons was always fun since the inventory changed with each passing month. Your post brought back lots of great memories. Thanks Tracy

  11. Wish we had a store like that in my town!
    I just found your blog from the barn hop. Can't wait to check it out further. Please stop by and visit me! I am your newest follower.

  12. Tracy-I know what you mean. I remember visiting the feed store every Saturday for years after a riding lesson. The smells stay with you-and that's a good thing!

    Simple Pleasures-Glad you could stop by.

  13. Oh yes I do love a good feed store and we are still blessed with several around here. However, my dairy goats have to be on a special high protein feed that no one around here carries and I have to travel two counties away to purchase it at a very commercialish cityish feed store! I still buy my feeds and seeds etc at the cool ones, tho! None of ours have baby chicks tho!

  14. Rebecca-It's great when you can find what you need nearby.


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