Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier

"Common, nontoxic kitchen ingredients such as baking soda, borax, lemon, and vinegar are wonderfully effective household cleaners.  Pair them with essential oils to disinfect and freshen every room.  With 150 all-natural, easy-to-prepare cleaning solutions you can: 

*soften and whiten clothing        *brighten bathroom mirrors
*break up kitchen grease             *scour porcelain and tiles
*polish wood floors                       *deodorize carpets
*scrub the oven                                              

Banish harmful chemical cleansers from your home; clean it green for a healthier family, a healthier planet."

This compact reference book is handy to have around the house and small enough to take with you on your travels.  Easy to make recipes with common household ingredients allow the consumer to create an arsenal of environmentally-friendly and low-cost cleansers.  The addition of essential oils takes these cleaners in a new direction.  Each solvent is specific for particular surfaces or applications, but many may be used throughout various rooms of the home.  Practical and simple to implement, this book has a host of great ideas to make your home cleaner, greener and freshly fragrant!



  1. Thank you for the review! This is one that I could really use! I decided yesterday that I just finished using the last of the non-natural toilet cleaner. I'm trying the homemade stuff from here on out!

  2. I would love to get this book! I only use 'green' cleaners in my home! My skin is sensitive and they don't irritate! ♥

  3. Kat-Good for you!

    Lavender Dreamer-That's one of the best reasons to make your own!


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