Thursday, September 22, 2011

Files, Organized

A great deal was found on these file folders.
What a wonderful opportunity
to add a little order to our office.
We are paring down some of our furniture
so there will be less to move when we sell our home.

These folders kept hitting the top of the file cabinet.
That got old real fast.
As we'll be keeping one of the desks
in the office, I wanted to make it as efficient as possible.
While organizing our files,
I took the time to purge what was no longer needed,
shredding any private information.
These files will get repurposed for tutoring games.

I color-coded items according to category.
For some folks, colors work.
For others, it's numbers, letters or pictures.

Whatever works for you is all that matters.
It sure makes finding needed papers easier!

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