Thursday, September 15, 2011

Caterpillar Relocation Program

I've been trying to tackle small jobs in the garden each day. 
With temps still getting into the 90's,
it's "get out early or forget it"!

The grapevine covering this trellis
by the rain barrel was taking over.
I would like to have a place for it to grow properly,
but for now, I don't.
It had to come out before it occupied the whole corner.

Little did I know what was hiding underneath.

I found these two lil' guys.
What to do?
I wasn't sure exactly which plant they had been feeding on,
as there are no milkweed plants in that area.
I felt sooooooo bad!

They were gingerly moved to one of our milkweed plants.
They appear to be monarchs.
I know we've had a lot more butterfiles
and cats this season, probably due to the addition
of the milkweed plants in the garden.

They both found a spot right away,
so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
I will keep checking on them to see if they're eating.

That's a bit tamer.
On to the next lil' project.

Hope your garden is full of wonder for you today.

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