Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fern Frenzy

A couple of years ago, a neighbor had given me one fern. 
It was placed in the far right corner of the front east bed.
I think it was pretty happy there because...

it grew.
Not only grew, but pretty much took over.

The entire wall next to the house was covered.
They are beautiful plants, I'll give you that.
This just didn't fit in with the idea I had
to simplify the front beds.
So, I went to work to pare it down. 
A lot.

I like the separation of each plant a bit better.
Of course, now we have the unsightly mess
on the wall where the foliage was.
Try as I may, I always seem to create more work for Big K.
Ah, well.
Keeps him out of trouble.

I had TONS of plants left over.
I posted them on our local seedswap, but no takers.
Guess everyone else has their fill of ferns.
So, I replanted some in the backyard under the saltbush.
It adds a forest feeling to that area.
I like it.

There's enough shade here that I think they'll be very happy.
The neighbor behind us gave me a nice compliment
the other morning on this area.
I think she'll like it even better now.

Whenever I look out the window at this bed,
I feel so relaxed.
Nothing soothes like nature.


  1. I agree the garden looks better. Ferns do seem to have a gentleness to them.

  2. We let our ferns grow wild in the way back woods. They do have a way of taking over a garden. I like the thinned out garden better too. Darla

  3. You're lucky you have the pretty kind of ferns. Here we have ferns that grow in sun and dry sand--they are not at all "lush" like your kind--just really twiggy and gross. They overtake our fields out back--you can mow and mow them and they still come back. We like to keep paths open for skiing in the winter and in fall-we try to mow a path--it's difficult, you have to go over them several times.
    Your beds look very nice!

  4. It looks really nice. I can't believe how much they grew from one plant. That's kind of what my iris did at the old house. They were massive within 3 years.

  5. Ahhhhhh...So pretty!!! My mom has the same affect on Hostas. She splits and relocates, splits and relocates...and they still seem to just take over and threaten the rest of the poor garden with its life. I call them 'Helen's Hostile Hostas'. Have a great day Daisy!

  6. I like the way you pared down the ferns, and the transplants look lovely.

  7. Rosemary-That's a great way of putting it.

    Darla-Thanks. If I had woods, I would let them grow crazy!

    Sue-Thank you. That does sound troublesome!

    Kim-I guess they're just happy there.

    Kat-LOL I love hostas!

  8. I do love my ferns but they almost look prettier separated. Both garden areas look great! Jean


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