Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got Mulch?

This past weekend seemed like a good time to replenish
the pine straw mulch in the back bed.
Man, I love this stuff!

These bales are available at Doty's here in Winter Haven.
It's an old-fashioned family-run feed store.
They don't even have a website.
Just my speed.

Here's our little gnome at home in the garden.
Thing is, he doesn't like to be so conspicuous.

Ah, that's better.
Now he can people watch in peace.

The previous load of mulch was over a year old,
so it was time for a fresh application.

Besides being a weed deterrent,
this mulch feeds the soil as it breaks down.
It looks just down-right natural.

Don't all the plants look absolutely snug as a bug?

Tucked in for the evening,
they will absorb the coming rainwater even better.

Mulch-it's a good thing!