Friday, August 12, 2011

Gem Mining

We went to Reed's Gem Mine to learn a bit about
the history of local mining
and see if we could come up with a nugget of our own!

The museum features some of the machines
used in days gone by.

Artifacts from the turn of the century are displayed.

This corridor leads to the underground mine.

One of the streams that folks could be found 
"panning" years ago.

Here we go!


Here's one of the shafts looking up.

It's incredible to think that men worked in these mines
all day and into the night
every day of their lives.

Good to see the sun again!

A separate building houses some of the equipment
built on site and used to do the work.

We marveled to think that these machines
and the building itself were all forged by hand.

Sure makes us grateful for the life of ease we have today...