Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to Weedville

Before we left for vacation, I took some photos of the garden.
Just curious to see the changes over a two-week period.

Our neighbor told us it rained a lot while we were gone.
I guess so...

Our little gnome is completely hidden here.

The rattlebox form a privacy wall in the back corner.

The butterfly garden needs a complete overhaul!

This sweet potato vine has almost covered the bamboo trellis.

The one on the side of the house has all but taken over!

Still getting strawberries into late August...

The sunflowers are fading into memories now.
This was the tallest so far,
at least 10 feet tall.
Our neighbor reported to us that she counted
at least 15 blooms at the very top
at one time.

Just before we left,
amendments were added to the veggie garden.

Tomato and eggplant seeds were started,
but not much came up while we were gone.

Guess I'll be reseeding this weekend.

This beauty really likes this spot.

Guess a little rain will go a long way!

I'll be weeding every chance I get this week
and adding some pine straw mulch to the backyard beds.
Hope you enjoyed your tour around Weedville!