Monday, August 22, 2011

Closet Makeover

Another lil' project Sister asked us to help her with
was her bedroom closet.

As she works for a big, local university,
she needs to have a professional wardrobe.

Not only does the standard wire rack
not hold much in the way of clothes,
it makes it quite difficult
to find just what you are looking for.

closets need to house things other than apparel.

Big K did most of the installation.
He's really good at this sort of thing.

Center shelves will keep shirts,
socks and delicates organized.
The top rack can be used for seasonal clothing,
or things like gifts or luggage.

The long shelf in the middle will give the bars used for items which need to be hung some support.

Four areas for hanging clothes give her lots of room
to sort by apparel type.

Prints on one side, solids on another
or sorting by shades of color,
are great ways to keep everything easily identified.

Plenty of room for dress slacks.
Matching wooden hangers really bring it all together.

Various baskets are used in the center area.

Socks and unmentionables have a home.

So much extra space underneath and on the topmost shelf
give her at least twice as much storage
as before the makeover.

Here's the before...

and after!

The new closet will make getting ready for work a breeze.

These systems can be found
at local big box stores or ordered online.

They are one of the first things we installed
when we bought our house.
Well worth any investment in time, effort or money.

This will definitely simplify your life!

IHeart Organizing