Friday, August 5, 2011

Gluten-Free, Organized

One of the best things about the kitchen
in this house is the storage.
There are tons of cabinets plus a small pantry.

We have a designated cabinet for gluten-free items.
It's a good idea to keep these things separate,
just so contamination isn't an issue.

Most of what is needed for making Lil' Guy's goodies
is housed here.
There was one thing that was not working quite right...

The spices are on risers so what you need
is easily spotted and accessed.
It just seemed like I could do better.

Big K installed this spice rack on the cabinet door.

I probably had room on the door for another rack,
but didn't find it necessary.
These are the spices used most frequently.
Our food is simply prepared,
so no need for exotic ingredients.

Just moving the bottles to the door
creates that much more space.

As often happens, once the sorting begins,
it leads to further organizing.
This cabinet houses what I need for breakfast,
and some baking ingredients,
as well as our stockpile of sucanat.
There are some things that we buy in bulk,
and I'm grateful that we have room to store them.

Once you get started,
you just want everything to look as good as it can.
It doesn't hurt that it also saves you loads of time
and energy when you're working in the kitchen.

That's what led me to tidy up the pantry.
One thing leads to another...