Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pantry, Organized

We're blessed with lots of cabinets in this kitchen.
A small pantry also helps to keep our menu staples
easily accessible.

It could use some tweaking...

We tend to buy some of Lil' Guy's gluten-free products
in bulk, so they end up on the topmost shelf.

Canned staples and condiments are on the next shelf down.
I stock up on these items when our grocery store
has them "Buy One, Get One" free.

The lower shelf contains baking ingredients
as well as some gluten-free items.

We keep pasta, coffee, soup and crackers
and canned tomatoes on the lowest shelf.

I got this beautiful jar from our co-op.
Big enough to hold all that lovely bread flour!

We are making the transition from plastic to glass.

One designated area for gluten-free items
assures that no contamination occurs.

This is one of the greatest space savers on the planet.
It has tons of storage and takes up the unused space
on the inside of the pantry door.

Anyone else in love with jars?
They are the best for freshness,
and they look clean and simple.

It just took a little bit of rearranging
to make this pantry work even better.
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect storage rack
or basket for the floor.
I try to use every available inch provided.

Some day, my pantry will be filled with treasures
from my first canning foray!

IHeart Organizing