Saturday, August 27, 2011


The kids who attend public school in our area returned back this week to the brick and mortar building
that houses them for most of their waking hours. 

Once again, I am reminded of just how blessed we are
not to have to succumb to the rigors of education
in a sterile setting.  We don't "officially" start school
for another two weeks,
but it doesn't really matter what the calendar says. 
Learning takes place in our lives everyday
This is a journey I couldn't have imagined,
now I can't fathom living any other way.

The Love to Learn Conference this year was
inspiring as usual.  Sister and I worked again this year at the registration table.  What a great chance for me to practice my (sometimes lacking) people skills.  Everyone who attends is so energetic, so accepting and so willing to learn and share
what they know.  The diversity of speakers truly
illustrated the endless possibilities that homeschooling offers.

Two of my favorite speakers were Cindy Gaddis and Anna Brown.  These two moms approach unschooling in different ways.  Cindy has been instrumental in helping me
make the shift from "school at home" to natural learning. 
Her knowledge about right-brained learners was eye-opening
and challenged me to understand my son in a way
that I never have before.  What a gift.

Anna shared her experience with unschooling her girls from the start.  One of her daughters sounded so much like my lil' guy with regard to the total saturation of learning about a particular subject.  It's wonderful that we can engage
a topic of interest so fully until we know everything we want to know about it.  Researchers in the making.
Hearing both of them discuss their unique approaches
helped solidify in my mind that we are doing exactly what works and what will benefit our family.

Thinking back on my own academic career, I can't help
but wonder how I would be different if I had been
homeschooled or encouraged to learn in my own way.
It's something I'll never have an answer to,
but it's a curious consideration.
Having gone back to complete my undergraduate degree
in my mid 20's and starting graduate school at 35,
I would say that a love for learning is inherent.
Even 12 years of public school education
did not thwart that inside of me. 

There is so much to learn, so many ways
to grow knowledge and I am very grateful that
I can be instrumental in helping my lil' guy
achieve his full potential. 
It's an amazing sight to behold.


  1. What a wonderful post!
    I often wish I could turn back the hands of time and "unschool" my own son. He hated school, and though he was (is) very smart the rigid one size fits all education that our school district doled out simply didn't work well for him. He is much more of a "hands on" learner.
    I wish you all the best in homeschooling.

  2. If we had had children we would have homeschooled or sent them to a parochial school. Nice post!

  3. Sue-Thank you. I think a lot of kids who hated school would have been phenomenal unschoolers!

    tami-You ARE homeschooling-with your pooches! ;0) Thanks.


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