Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Treasure Hunt

One of the philosophies shared here at Maple Hill
is the belief that we need to pass on the good stuff.
With that said...

We recently received yet another check from the
Bureau of Unclaimed Property.  This is a division
of our state government which holds money or valuables
that have not been claimed by owners.  It's a simple matter
of going to the website, filling out an application and providing the necessary documentation.  We've already received several thousand dollars from various accounts. 

It's so easy to do, and it's LEGIT
While money is not the most important thing in my life,
it is necessary.  This last check will pay for the well
we recently put in.  My take on it is that God is just showing
us how He always provides.  No doubt.

Maybe you've got money waiting for you somewhere. 
I've included the Florida website here, but other states have the same office, and may use different names for the division. 
Hope you find something on your treasure hunt!


  1. What funny timing on this post. Just about an hour ago, I was reading my old town's newspaper online and they were having some big push for unclaimed property. I checked, and I'll be darned if I had something I didn't even know about. It wasn't much-but hey-it's breakfast out!! I don't have to cook for a day!!!
    So yes--definately check-it only takes a minute!

  2. What a great suggestion. I'll have to look into that up here in washington :) That is so great that you got your well paid for just by doing a bit of paperwork! :) Thanks!

  3. I have heard about this but I do not really understand it. When you found this money was it an account you had but forgot about or something you never knew about? I am very curious.

  4. My next door neighbor found some money that was owed to her mother, and was able to get it, since her mom had passed away. I think that's how it went, anyway.

    I agree that God is blessing you with it.

  5. Sue-Free breakfast is a good thing!

    Katy-Hope you find something!

    Jane-This was actually Big K's grandmother's account. She passed on 20 years ago and the money has just been sitting there. It's worth a look-see.

    Corner Gardener Sue-It just takes a bit of follow through!


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