Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning as we go...

We're in the last few days of our summer vacation.
This week we visited the Energy Explorium,
an interactive science museum.

Kids especially enjoy the hands-on exhibits.

Visual displays help us understand how energy works.

Computerized quizzes test your knowledge.

The vintage electronics are probably
my favorite part of this museum.

Outside there are lovely trails to wind through.

The site sits on Lake Norman.

A great day for hangin' around.


  1. I was thinking how cool that museum looked for kids and hubby leaned over my should and said "that looks neat". Yup. He's a big kid now.............
    Me? I'd hang out on that pier all day. Looks nice and cool and watery---not dry as toast like my lawn!

  2. Sue-Something for everyone! ;0)


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