Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen, Organized

One of the most important rooms to consider
when selling a home is the kitchen.
So, we've been tweaking the storage little by little.

Big K put in storage racks under the sink
for cleaning supplies and food wraps. 
The pipes make it difficult to place
sliding storage baskets here,
which is what I originally was hoping to do.
I'm planning on finding just the right container
for what is left underneath. 

These had been in a drawer and were driving me crazy!
Here, they easily stand upright and out of the way.

Just a few screws and life
is suddenly simpler and neater.

In my cleaning caddy,
I keep glass cleaner and a general cleaner
that I mix up myself, Bon Ami, gloves, a toothbrush,
and my bathroom sponges.
Love that I just take what I need with me
to tackle those cleaning chores each week.

Our dishwasher is directly to the right of this cabinet,
so we keep our tablets for that here.
I will be working toward making our own
dishwasher powder in the near future.

Vinegar is used on virtually every surface in our home,
as well as for a myriad of other household uses.
It's magic, that stuff!

Daily dishes (that's the only kind we own),
are strategically placed
just above the dishwasher. 
Proximity to where materials are used 
is an important factor
when deciding where to place items in the kitchen
(or anywhere).

Our neighbor gave us the white rack,
which keeps Lil' Guys dishes neatly stacked.
This would work great for someone who had a lot of dishes.
No wasted space!
(He has more, they were in the dishwasher.)

Our daily glasses, coffee mugs, kid cups
and travel mugs reside in the next cabinet over.
Still close to the dishwasher,
but designated just for drinking vessels.
We are blessed to have so much storage in this room.

Here's where we keep some of our ceramic storage containers,
and my beloved jars, which are used on a daily basis.
Items less often used go on the top shelf. 

~Oh, and that jar you see to the right on the middle shelf?
That's something we keep "found" money in,
to always remind us that God is forever providing.
Anytime we find money, it goes in that jar
with a silent prayer of gratitude.~

I found these in someone's recycle bin earlier in the year.
They will come in handy around holiday time.

We use recycled jars for storing sauces, soups,
dried beans, rice and tons of other things.
(More on this when I post on the pantry makeover.)
Seems I can never have enough jars!

I also save the baby food jars
from the organic pear sauce I use for Lil' Guy's baked goods. 
I am slowly making the change
from plastic to glass when it comes to freezing just the right amount of pumpkin puree for his goodies.

We buy these whenever we can find them at thrift stores.
They are CorningWare and they can go from freezer,
to microwave, to oven (without the lid).
Best thing is they are made in the USA!

This is Lil' Guy's designated cabinet for ongoing projects,
journal paper, workbooks, art supplies
and anything else he might need to keep his creativity flowing.
He's got easy access, as it's in one of the lower cabinets,
but there is plenty of room for expansion.

I recently posted about our baking station.
I ended up adding one of these racks for
the cookie sheets, muffin tins and cooling racks.
A good thing made even better!

Hope something good is cooking up in your kitchen today!


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  1. Nice job! I really need to tackle this chore in my kitchen too!

    I was reading your profile and I too hope to do therapy programs for kids with my horses one day too :) Good Luck to you!

  2. Allison-Thanks!
    We will make our dreams come true!
    Keep me posted!

  3. where did u get the rack for ur baking dishes?

    Where is a good place to get glass jars, esp. the size for like flour and sugar and other big item's? Everyone seem's to have them but I can't find them anywhere;(

    1. I think I found that rack at a yard sale. I find jars at thrift stores, mostly. The one that houses the flour was bought through our co-op, but I've seen them at Wal-mart.
      Happy hunting!

  4. I just love the idea of stretching spaces! I'm all about making those under the sink cabinet doors functional in some way and I really need to get a few of those shelving racks to organize my cabinets

  5. I like your found money jar. During a time in my life when I was facing financial uncertainty I decided to start recording all of God's financial blessings that I experienced. It turns out that there were so many that I had to give up trying to record them all because it was just too much to keep track of!


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