Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeds, Organized

In the last few weeks, the weather's been perfect...

for planting seeds.

Overcast skies lend themselves well to working in the garden.
With the absence of extreme heat and the promise of rain,
I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend morning.

Out comes the basket of goodies.
There are still many flowers that will withstand
the heat and humidity.

I plan to have blooms well into the fall.

Seed saving is simple, easy and very relaxing.
These small jars are perfect for saving
when you have just a plant or two
that you are trying for the first time.

Larger containers come in handy repurposed
from the medicine cabinet.

Most seeds, though, end up in plastic zipper-type bags.
They just work well for volume.
It helps that you can see what's inside too.
Here are some I saved and some from a friend.
Clearly marking with permanent marker will ensure
the intended seeds get sown.

A neighbor was selling this plastic box in a yard sale.
It holds a multitude of seeds and seals
so that there is no worry about moisture.

This one was found at a thrift shop.
It houses our vegetable and fruit seeds.
Keeping the flower and food seeds separate
makes it easier when planting time comes around.

For now, this system works just fine.
As collections continue, it may no longer meet
the size requirements.
Storage is something that I always look for
at yard sales and thrift stores.
Seems you can always use it for something!

Happy planting!!!


  1. I love the pill bottle storing the seeds. The symbolism is great. Those plants are the real medicine.

  2. I use the old prescription bottles too. Some seeds, like zinnias-I swear I could use a tub for!

  3. Great organizing...mine are just in a drawer.
    I just HAD to come see your blog when I read your about me page...LOVE that favorite book! ;)

  4. You are SO organized! Mine are in spare coffee cans.

  5. I'm glad to hear you are still planting seeds. The seeds I promised to a few surprises...are almost watch your mailbox next week. :-)

  6. Love the organization. I'm trying my hand at seed saving but this last year wasn't so great for seeds. We're getting ready for the second round of California planting, so hopefully I'll get something.
    Followed you from the barn hop.

  7. Jane-You are SO right about that!

    Sue-Me too! I love me some zinnias!

    Mrs.B-Welcome! It's a keeper, for sure.

    tami-Whatever works for ya!

    Susan-Oooooooh, I can hardly wait!
    Thank you!

    The Urban Rabbit-Enjoy your sowing. Hope you get lots of good stuff this year!

  8. Love that you are repurposing so many bottles for your seeds! I have used plastic baggies but they aren't nearly as satisfying or pretty as reusing bottles. maybe this fall I'll do some of that too :) Good on you to be so organized - really helps you plant what you wanted to! Where do you store your seed bins? I've been struggling with where to put mine... at the moment they are in the hallway closet but I really am not satisfied with them there...

  9. Katy-I just have them on the back porch. They are shaded there and seem to be holding up just fine.


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