Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

We've gotten tons of rain in the last two months.
In fact, Big K and I were saying
that we've gotten more rain in the last few months
than in all the eight years we've lived in Central Florida.


These peanut plants came up on their own this year.
Last year was the first time we had attempted to grow them.

With the leaves looking a bit brown,
I decided to see what we had going on under the ground!

Here's what I found.

Several shoots were popping up underneath the soil.

Peanuts for years to come...

They hang onto the roots and you just pull them off.

Considering that we didn't even plant these,
I'm thrilled that we got anything at all.
After letting them dry out,
we'll roast them and make homemade nut butter.
I may throw some of the delicious concoction into my next smoothie!

Here are a few more lovelies in the garden this week:

sweet potato vine

crape myrtle buds



We may get some green beans yet!

morning glory blooms awakening

The zinnias in the garden are attracting so many butterflies.

What a blessing it is each day to look out and see them
fluttering about in carefree fashion.

The passionflower vine has been a great addition to the garden.
It is the host plant for these wonderful gulf fritillaries.
The zinnia is one of the nectar plants that keeps them fed.

They seem to be most active in the mid afternoon.

Usually I am too slow to catch them at work,
but they were all busy and didn't even notice I was there snapping away.

 Yesterday, during my early morning check on the garden,
I spied this critter forming its chrysalis.

A few short hours later,
it was nestled comfortably inside.
Looking forward to seeing this gulf fritillary
spread its wings.

We love our natural pest control company.

Embrace this Tuesday and see what happens!

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  1. You're fortunate to have the season to grow peanuts. There are 2 things I wish I could grow up here--peanuts and sweet potatoes. And I'd borrow a cup of rain, please. Wow-are we DRY up here.
    Love the bright zinnias. You have some pretty blooms there!

  2. I would love to grow peanuts! How cool! It would be so amazing to make your own peanut butter out of peanuts you grew yourself. My mind is blown! :)

    Love all the cute critters visiting your garden. Some beautiful butterflies!

    1. The butterflies and caterpillars are a real treat to watch.

  3. Wow, I wish my garden looked like yours! Beautiful photos. That is so cool you have peanuts! Mmm, I can just taste the fresh peanut butter now...

    1. It's so much better when you make it yourself!

  4. So cool you got peanuts! My parents used to grow peanuts when I was a kid. I thought it was the neatest thing. We used to boil them or we'd just eat them raw. . . . Love all your butterfly and caterpillar action!

    1. I'll bet you could grow them where you are!

  5. Everything looks great. I just can't get over that you have peanuts!


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