Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vintage Vacation

Are you into vintage?
Love camping?
I found a great place to enjoy both of these interests simultaneously!


It's called The Shady Dell.
It's a vacation within a vacation!
A young, enterprising couple with an affinity for vintage trailers
opened up this place for those who enjoy a blast from the past.
Here's what their website says:

"Our sleek collection of vintage travel trailers are all perfectly restored 
to combine mid-century Americana kitsch with the comforts of home in a way 
that only the 1950s were capable of.  Each trailer, such as the 1949 Airstream, 
or the 1950 Spartan Manor, are available for an overnight stay. 
For once, experience the 1950s in full Technicolor."

We hope to acquire our own camper someday and do some traveling.
Maybe we'll even get a chance to stop by this place 
and experience it for ourselves.
If you're looking for a unique vacation accomodation,
give them a go!