Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tidings

It's been hot and muggy around these parts lately.
When you walk outside any time after 9 a.m.,
it's stifling, oppressive and downright uncomfortable.
With our move further north on the horizon,
we're looking forward to a more seasonal way of life.

We've been talking to realtors the last couple of weeks,
trying to decide if we should sell our home
or rent it out for a year.
One of the considerations is the garden.

Buyers may not be gardeners
and renters might not be able or inclined to keep it up.
I have been giving away some of our native and Florida-friendly plants
on Craig's List in the last few weeks, to make it more appealing
 to those who may not be so fond of the outdoors.

Our saltbush trees are hosting these weird-looking nests.

They are made with dried leaves and some type of webbing.

I'm not sure what is constructing these works of art,
but we have had quite a few dragonflies in the yard as of late.

Our new pickets are working out just fine.
I like the way they frame several areas of the garden.

We've been blessed with a few days of rain in the last week or so.
The garden always responds well to Mother Nature's gifts.

giant yellow zinnias

avocado tree

native cotton plant

Wonder what's gonna emerge from here?

sweet potato vine

gloriosa daisy


peace lily


Hoping your garden greets you today with 
lots of wonderful surprises.