Monday, August 5, 2013

Farm School Summer Series Week Eight

Farm School this week had us runnin' for cover,
but we still got a few things done.

This part of the garden isn't seeing much action right now.
The cherry tomatoes are struggling to come back
and it's too early to expect much from the kale and Swiss chard.

Seedlings, however, are going gangbusters!

Seed trays cover the outdoor table and line the front porch.

New lettuces are filling up the shaded area.
Can't wait for the red salad bowl variety 
to be ready for my supper table.

These basil plants are spent.
The planting date on these crops was September of last year.
We harvested the seed by just stripping the branches 
and letting it fall where it may.
You can see the volunteers sprouting up in front of the potted plants.
It'll make a gorgeous border, and so aromatic!

The dill is coming back all on its own
after nearly being polished off by black swallowtail caterpillars.

Seed is tossed nonchalantly, as it readily germinates.

We covered the pots to prevent any further infiltration by butterflies 
interested in laying eggs.
The bottoms will be secured with twine.

The leek project began in earnest.
These beauties were ready to graduate to larger pots.

After Lynn filled and leveled off the soil
(notice that it's only halfway up the container),
I transplanted three slender lovelies to each pot.
Soil is added as the stalks gain height.

We've got a good start!

Lynn spied a wolf spider.
It looks menacing, 
but it's one of the good guys in the garden.

We don't mind working under the raindrops,
but when the thunder knocks you off your seat,
it's time to head for shelter.

The shower is much appreciated.

So many treasures here.

This is the first time since I started Farm School 
that we've had to dodge the rain,
but it was a pleasant surprise.
It sure beat workin' in 90+ degree heat!

Enjoy the time you have in your garden,
rain or shine.

Our adventures in Farm School started here.

Today I'm starting a 21-day meditation challenge. 
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