Monday, June 17, 2013

Farm School Summer Series Week One

This is a continuing series about my efforts to become a farmer.
It all began here.

Last week's downpour kept us from Farm School.
We made up for it this week 
with the accomplishment of many a task.

One of the first projects was trimming out the lettuce
that had recently been transplanted to the location
under the shade cloth covered tables.

Faye and Lynn were concerned that although the crop is producing,
it may not last long.
They are hoping to get a few harvests before it bolts completely.
I was happy to oblige.

I was able to get a good sampling 
of the red oakleaf variety in my bucket.

Faye and Lynn worked on acquiring two other varieties
until we each had a pretty good-sized portion.
The fact that I get to enjoy their lettuce this week
in upcoming salads is an unexpected thrill.

This parsley was planted last September.
It's just about spent.

Here's another that is bolting.
Not to worry, there are other pots 
brimming with green goodness.

Yet another is hosting black swallowtail caterpillars.
(More about them later in the week.)

This is the trial of slow-bolt cilantro.
It's having issues with white spots on the leaves.
Time will tell if it recovers.

The tomatoes are absolutely through.
The heat is just too much for them to flourish.
Faye & Lynn are hoping to have a few green ones left 
for the market this Saturday.

The cherry tomatoes, however, are wonderful.
These Sweet Millions are juicy, tender and very low acid.
A great snack to just pop into your mouth!

We reseeded some of the beans that hadn't sprouted.
This new location was chosen
to hopefully avoid the rust that had plagued 
crops planted earlier in the season.
It was a productive day of work fun.

Wish I had gotten a better picture, but it wasn't happenin'.
These are brown widow spider egg sacs.

Here's another critter that's not so scary.

Watch for this beauty on Wordless Wednesday.
It's called a Gloriosa Lily.
And it's  

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