Monday, June 24, 2013

Farm School Summer Series Week Two

Hot dog!
I'm lovin' Farm School.
Hope you are too.

 We got an early start on Sunday.
It was warm and humid by 9 a.m.,
but we managed to get a few things done before lunchtime.

The eggplant were spent.
Lynn decided to take these plants out,
as he has others already started in another part of the garden.
He was able to get a few harvests out of this bunch.

Each crop is marked with seed starting and transplant dates.
This allows Lynn to keep accurate records
for future referral.

We cut back the stalks to about 8 inches.

Lynn took his mighty cultivator to get down to the roots.

The whole kit-n-kaboodle comes out with one fell swoop.

That's a healthy root system.

The pots were cleaned up and the soil leveled.

Man, that's some beautiful stuff.
It smells like life.

We sowed a batch of okra in the freshly tidied pots.

In another part of the garden,
the okra is doing quite well.
It's one of the mainstays of the summer garden here.

Lynn uses these professional watering wands.
This head is appropriate for established plants,

while this head (with smaller holes),
works perfectly for seed trays or newly sown seeds in pots.
(They also aid a body in withstanding the 90 degree temperatures with a quick spritz!)

Signs of trouble were found nearby.
This is the telltale sign of a critter called a leaf roller.

If you pull the leaf back over, you can see the varmints going at it.

They are not welcome visitors.

The edemame is coming along.
This was the first time I had noticed the pea-like pods.

They look alot like snow peas,
but the pods are not edible.
 The goodness lies inside.

The blooms resemble the delicate flowers of the snap peas.

We also got a dozen or so parsley plants started.

Lynn decided to start them off in the shade,
as temps here are reaching the 90's daily.

They have some gorgeous avocado trees, 
all started from seed.

They will soon be harvesting these yummy bananas.

For those who enjoy heat,
these peppers are just the ticket.
Aren't they the most beautiful shade of orange?

There is so much peace and tranquility here.
 The place just oozes energy.

Faye's keen eye spotted this critter.
God sure has a wild imagination, huh?

Another great day's work done.
Hope you enjoyed the scenery.
Can't wait to learn something new next week!

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