Monday, June 10, 2013

Hosta Envy No More

These hostas were found recently on a shopping trip.
It's a bit past time to plant them here,
but I guess that's why they were on sale.

I've wanted hostas for a long time.
They always seem to give a garden so much life,
so much lushness, so much tranquility.
Many of the gardening blogs that I read feature hostas,
and I have been guilty of serious hosta envy.

The problem has always been that 
we lack the shade in which they thrive.
I decided to give it a go with the conditions we have.

We were able to create just a bit of shade in the backyard,
using these saltbush trees that pop up all over.
It's about the only chance we have
to create success for shade loving plants.

It's amazing to me that these starts 
are simply dried roots of a former plant.
The package said there were three in the package.
I found four!

Here are the fine roots that take hold in the ground.
Hard to believe that these little suckers 
will nurture a gorgeous plant like this:

Hosta 'Minuteman'

Hopefully, they will find happiness among the ferns.

Hope you get to acquire something you've been longing for!

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