Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday

The temps here are in the 90's pretty much daily.
Summer is moving right through.
We are thankful for those blooms that can take the heat.

Zinnias keep the square foot garden company,
just in case anything decides to crop up.

Here's another type of caterpillar found recently 
near our rain barrels.
They had been noticed eating the plumbego.

We certainly have had our share of visits from cats of late.

These marigolds are a deep orange color with bright golden centers.
They were placed around the small potato patch.

Not only are they pleasant to the eye,
they are rumored to deter harmful bugs.

Our fascination with Black Swallowtail caterpillars continues.

We've been monitoring them daily,
sometimes several times a day, for changes.

These variations took place in just a day.
From this to...



Several of our chrysalises should be seeing some action 
over the next few days.
I'll be sure to post the video if I am able to catch the transformation.

Last week we posted the amazing work of a cat
encasing itself in its protective cocoon.

Looking forward to seeing more of nature's magic.

This trellis was found in a neighbor's recycle bin last week.
I've got just the spot for it 
where the butterfly vine was recently cut back.


gloriosa daisy bud

gloriosa daisy bloom

The thryallis is reaching for the sky
 and blooming like nobody's business.

This Florida-friendly plant is gorgeous 
and not in the least demanding.

The basil has been up for a bit,
and the parsley seeds just germinated this weekend.
We are mostly growing the latter so that we can continue to host
the Black Swallowtail butterflies.

 I see pesto in our future.

Flower seeds can be so gratifying to start.
In just a couple of weeks,
these beauties are ready to be transplanted, pot and all.

 The zinnias never disappoint.

The organic sweet potato I purchased from the grocery
has sprouted quite well.

Soon, it will be cut into pieces and planted in the back bed.
I'm a little late on this project, 
but I think we'll be able to get a harvest.

Taking time to really notice life in the garden
is one of the best ways I find to unwind after a busy day.

There is always something new.

sweet potato vine

The portulaca is making a comeback.
They aren't bothered by heat and humidity.

The nasturtium flowers are not only vibrant,
they are edible.
The leaves are pretty incredible on their own.

As the morning glories make their ascent,
the temperatures climb.
Not to worry.
There is plenty of time for this gardener in the early hours of morning
or toward the end of a well-lived day.
Enjoy all that summer brings to you.

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  1. I seem to be the ONLY person that cannot grow "slips" from a sweet potato!
    I think next year, I'll send one down for you to start. I had to pay--$12 for a dozen through a catalog. I'm so peeved......

    1. Oh, no! I wish I knew a way to send you some! I'm afraid they wouldn't make the trip too well.

  2. The zinnias are so pretty and your marigolds are really lovely as well! Those are two of my favorite flowers :)

  3. Beautiful photos. Yummmm....to the pesto! I'm hoping to make a few different types soon. And the nasturtium - I just love adding the peppery flowers to salads and you're right, the leaves are incredible. :)

    1. Looking forward to seeing your pesto recipes! You've always got something wonderful goin' in the kitchen!

  4. I love your zinnias! I tried planting some this year, but my seeds didn't come up at all. I don't know what I did wrong. My mom was always great at growing them, and they were my very favorite flower when I was a kid.

    1. Did you buy new seeds? I can send you some if you like. These came right up and bloom profusely!

  5. Beautiful! I haven't noticed any swallowtail on my fennel yet. I love to watch them grow too!

  6. Beautiful photos! I may need you to come work on my garden. :)

  7. loved looking at your plants and your bugs!!! Some bugs are such a good part of gardening!


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