Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How We Homestead-Week Five

The "How We Homestead" Series has been a pleasure 
in which to participate.
Thanks to Staci for including me in this project.
Make sure to visit these bloggers to read about 
their future homesteading plans.

Where We Go From Here
Our last installment in this series brings an appreciation
for the various roads we have all taken to get to this place.
Many of our endeavors have been similar,
although we each have our own unique methods of exploration.
In this final posting on the subject,
we share our hopes and dreams for the future,
where we think homesteading will carry us into the next ten years.

Dreams should be shared, that's the only way they can take flight.
This blog is in itself a manifestation of a dream.
Here's where I hope we end up.

"All our dreams can come true, 
if we have the courage to pursue them."
-Walt Disney

Having focused the past couple of years 
on really being present in the moment 
has met with its own challenges.
Many times I have caught myself thinking about 
what was or what isn't yet.
I'm a big believer in the importance of 
every single step of the journey,
knowing that God will only lead us to greatness,
whatever that may be in our individual lives.

The dream I have for Maple Hill is laid out there for all to see.
I felt it was vital to express this heartfelt pursuit in words 
for others to read about, ponder, and hopefully, bless with a prayer.
 Starting a therapeutic farm for kids on the spectrum
seems to be a calling, 
and I know that what happens today will help bring it to fruition.
It's a matter of trust.

Having been gifted with a child on the autism spectrum 
has given me a purpose in life that is all-consuming.
The light has been shone to me so clearly
and I continue to work toward the goals which are presented.
It may be something as simple as making bread
or learning to knit or teaching my boy how to grow his own food.
It all matters.

We should know soon if we will be relocating this year
to start our homestead in earnest.
If we are able, we will go full throttle.
If we can't move right now,
then I know that God has more for me to do right here.
And I'm okay with that.


The yearning to give back can be satisfied 
no matter where we call home.
The picture that I have of Maple Hill in my mind
has so many possibilities.
Nothing can stop a dreamer.