Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How We Homestead Series Week Two

The second week in our series on "How We Homestead" ponders
Living Simply

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To my way of thinking, 
people need to follow what matters to them, 
and the rest will fall into place.
We're all on our own journeys,
so we have to find our way with the sense that God gave us.
That doesn't mean that we have to go it alone.


Since embarking on this homesteading trek,
so many folks who are on a similar trail,
have aided me in learning simple, but valuable skills.
 These ideas aren't new, but innately feel right.
Breadbaking, learning to knit, 
or finding a new use for everyday items can be their own reward.
It can be something as simple as hanging clothes on a line,
instead of relying on electricity to do the drying,
and then paying attention to the way it makes you feel.

Part of embracing the homesteading lifestyle
is making do with what you have.
This is far from a sacrifice.
It's more of a challenge to our creativity.
We find ways to use things that others might find useless.

Learning to be more self-reliant
is one of the foundations of homesteading.
By simplifying our needs, we set ourselves up for success.
Instead of chasing a monetary goal or career position,
we have decided for ourselves that we would rather spend our time together experiencing a spectacular quality of life, 
doing things that matter to us.
We don't need to keep making more money,
we choose to enjoy doing things that don't require it.
But it's not just about saving money,
it's shifting the focus of your life.

Luxury is a state of mind.
A warm bath with essential oils and a favorite read
provides comfort and relaxation like nothing else.
Enjoying a homemade meal while listening to 
"A Prairie Home Companion" each Saturday night 
is a family ritual that nestles us in for the evening.
Being able to repair our own vehicles,
allows us to save money for splurges like vacations,
while fostering a self-sufficient mindset.
It all adds up.
It's just a matter of where you want to spend
your time, energy and resources.

By simplifying your life,
you learn to focus on what is meaningful.
Only you can determine where the priorities lie.

"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple."
-C. W. Ceran

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