Monday, May 20, 2013

I Can Dig It!-NOT


 The folks over at Old World Gardens Farm have so many great ideas.
One of the reasons I follow their blog is 
the sheer amazement I feel 
in reading about all of their creative concepts.
Aside from the many spectacular projects they produce,
their garden is mighty impressive.
They promote a no-till method with raised rows.
Stop by there when you get a chance
and enjoy browsing the treasure trove of information.


Here's more on the no-till or no-dig method:

Some of the most helpful materials include:
 grass clippings
 soil and compost mix
 used timber for building raised beds or cold frames
garden tools

Benefits of a No-Till Garden

*Easy to learn and do- you can set up a small garden 
in an afternoon yourself. 
*Low cost- most materials are free and readily available.
*Minimum of effort with no digging involved unless present soil is heavily compacted.
 *Doesn't disturb worms, micro- organisms or fungi 
in the underlying soil:
  *Doesn't bring up buried weed seeds to the surface 
where they can germinate
  *Remains low maintenance because it smothers most weeds 
  *Retains moisture and shades the soil therefore saving water 
  *Provides food and protection for worms and micro- organisms which help develop soil 

Another site that discusses the advantages of growing vegetables
without digging is here.
You'll find a great explanation with visuals on the lasagna method.
They also include information on pests, watering needs, mulching, fertilizing, weeding and crop rotation.

Hope you'll research and see if this method might work for you!
Happy gardening, y'all!


  1. I'm going to check these sights out.
    I'm also putting a post together updating our hugelkulture bed experience vs. tilling the ground and why I hate it! (I know hate is a strong word, but it's true!)

    love reading your blog! Pat

    1. Hope you find something valuable there! Thanks for reading! ;0)

  2. We started a no-till garden about 6 years ago and haven't looked back. We get such healthy soil and plants.

  3. We don't till, although we do shovel or fork over the soil once or twice a year as we add chicken/pig manure, which likely is similar enough to tilling to not count as no-till! :) Hope you are feeling better!!

    1. I'm much better now, thanks.
      Your garden is looking wonderful!

  4. I use deep mulch and only disturb the soil just enough to move over the mulch and lay in seeds. With my sandy soil, it's been the only way to keep up the moisture levels. Good links--I'll follow up when I have more time (you know, like 3 in the morning...LOL!)

    Hope you're feeling much better.

    1. Thanks, Sue. You are doing something right. Your gardens are always amazing! I wanted to comment on the last post, but couldn't. Just know that I am admiring your spectacular garden!

  5. So interesting! I've just recently heard of no-till gardens and I am intrigued. We have been tilling up our garden for the past couple years, so I need to do more research on this gardening method. Thanks for sharing the info and the links!

    1. The information may just change your mind!


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