Friday, May 31, 2013

Liquid Soap

When we belonged to a co-op, 
 soap was purchased at a discount.
Dr. Bronner's liquid was the soap of choice.
I had also bought a few bars of it when the price was right.

Recently, we were getting low on liquid soap, 
so I found this recipe.

The recipe calls for one 8 oz. bar of soap,
2 T glycerin and 1 gallon distilled water.

The grated soap goes into the water and the glycerin is added.
The burner is turned on medium-high heat.

It should only take a few minutes 
for the soap flakes to dissolve in the water.
 Then it's taken off the burner and left to sit for up to 12 hours.

After the recommended 12 hour wait, this is what it looked like.
For whatever reason, it didn't look like the recipe I had read about.
I added the rest of the 2nd bar, which totaled 10 oz.
I let it sit for another 1/2 day.

 This is what it looked like.
Not exactly what I expected, as only a portion of it thickened.
I found it necessary to go to Plan B.

Using the hand whizzer, 
the mixture was blended for 5 minutes.

 That helped.
Now it was more the consistency that I was expecting.
It was poured into 2 bottles that were saved
and I even had enough to return some of it to the empty water jug.

The date and scent were noted on the jug,
so that I will be able to see how long it lasts.
If I want to stretch this soap even further,
I can use it to make foaming soap.

A lot of these type of endeavors are trial and error
and you have to be willing to figure out why something doesn't work
or rethink the whole procedure.
This one seems to be worthwhile and I'll keep working at it
until I find the best possible solution.
It's all about the learnin'.

***Hurricane season starts tomorrow!*** 
~Make sure you have your supplies!~