Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday

I sure hope all the Mommas out there had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend.
My boys did a great job taking care of things
as I am under the weather.
A whole day in bed is NOT my idea of fun.
I'm a doer and it is not easy for me to rest when I have things that need tending.
I guess it's God's way of slowing me down.

One of the highlights of the day was opening this gift.
Real Corona pruners.
Can't wait to get these babies out in the garden!
Don'tcha love new toys?

We've been having some trouble with a critter eating our turtle bean sprouts.
These have come back and look okay so far.

 Another six-pack of Blue Lake beans was started...

 just to make sure we end up with some for our supper table.

They have been easy to sprout so far.

 Although the heat is hitting hard,
Green Oakleaf lettuce is being started.
It never came up in the square foot bed,
so these will be placed in a container in the shade.

Thyme plants were begun at the same time.
This is one herb that's used a lot.
It's great on fish, chicken, veggies, just about everything.

 A couple of San Marzano tomatoes are holding their own.

 The beets have been a bit disappointing.
I planted tons of seeds in the square foot bed,
and most of them came up, but are very slow growing.

 There is a bit of Bibb lettuce coming up in the raised bed.
Hopefully, we'll get some harvested before it bolts!

 A couple of more were started in pots so that they can be moved to a shadier area.
Lettuce is not a summer crop here.

 Strawberries are still being harvested nearly every morning for Lil' Guy's breakfast.
What a treat!

So far, our mostly natives are dealing well with the heat and humidity.

 The beautyberry is starting to form berries.
The birds will be happy about that!

 Morning glory and native wildflowers get along quite nicely.

The native cotton plant is full of buds and blooms.

 It's so enjoyable to share the garden with others,
no matter how small.

The butterfly vine is erupting in color.

 The makeshift fence I made needs some work,
but that will have to wait until strength is renewed.
Hopefully, this weekend I can get to it.



Some of these tropicals were transplanted from a container out front.
They mingle with the vinca by the screen door.

Can't get enough of the sunflowers.

Aren't they just amazing?
It's like they are waking up from a sound sleep.

Enjoy all the wonders awakening in your garden.

 Tuesday Garden Party