Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifty Thursday-Dishwashing tablets

A while back, we mixed up some dishwasher detergent.
And then we tweaked it.

The results were so-so and we ended up going back to 
a healthier version of store- bought cubes.
Then I came across this post
and knew I wanted to try it.
It's a keeper!

Dishwasher Cubes
1 C borax
1 C washing soda
1/4 C Epsom salt
lemon juice

Mix powders together.
Place 1 C powder mixture into bowl and pour in 4 T lemon juice.
After foaming, mix and add to ice cube trays.
(We didn't have extra trays, so little patties were made instead.)
Repeat adding dry mixture to lemon juice and then form cubes.
Dry on windowsill for a few hours.

Add to the bottom of the dishwasher,
not in the designated compartment.
We fill the rinse agent compartment with vinegar.

It feels good to be able to buy one less thing.

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