Monday, May 6, 2013

Blue Garden Update

 I posted about a blue garden project a while back,
but I realized I never updated it.
It hasn't really been on the front burner,
but I've been working on it little by little.

The blue daze were looking good here,
when they were installed near the driveway .
The sprinklers had trouble reaching them,
and I'm not disciplined enough to remember to hand water
as often as I needed to.

They really started looking peaked.
And they were really too large for the space.

Along with the lack of water,
someone ran over this poor lil' thing with one of the ride-ons.

They were moved to the backyard.  
They add a border around the clothesline.
They'll be sure to get more water from the sprinklers back there.

The blue-eyed grass is blooming.
It's like a breath of cool air on a hot day.

A few more were picked up at the last  
Backyard Gardener's Festival.

The native petunias just keep popping up,
so they were transplanted around the pathway 
leading up to the front door.

They were also placed along the driveway
in front of the flax lily
(which also has subtle blue flowers when in bloom).
Big K adjusted the sprinklers, so they should be well-watered now.

A few were arranged around the
dwarf fakahatchee grass in the front bed.
Before adding any more plants,
we'll just wait to see how these fill out.

Neighbors gifted us with these stepping stones 
a few weeks ago.
They were placed on our side walkway
to fill in where the other stones were missing.

 I just walked off 3 steps between them
and laid them down.

 These type of projects are so easy and 
when the supplies are free,
there's more motivation to get them done.

I like the unusual shape of the newly added stones.
We are so grateful to others who think of us.
May you be gifted with something 
that motivates you to complete an outdoor project.
Enjoy your day!

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