Friday, August 31, 2012

In a Daze

These Blue Daze were acquired from Leslie
They are esteemed for the periwinkle color of the blooms.

(Periwinkle is my favorite hue.)
They are an essential component of the blue garden we are working on.

They do well with very little care.
Considered a Florida-friendly plant,
as they tolerate heat and are drought-tolerant,
they require only a trim once in a while.

They were starting to spill over onto the driveway
and while I like the softening it adds to the hardscape,
it's not too practical when you are making your way
up the drive on foot.

I'm all about curves in the landscape,
but I thought I'd try something different.
They were trimmed in a square shape.

If I end up not liking the formality,
they'll grow back in no time
and I can let 'em go wild.

Plans have been made to use these beauties
elsewhere in the blue garden,
so I'll attempt to sprout some seedlings.

I took the cut stems and stripped the bottom leaves off.

I used rain water to see what happens.

This is how they looked after 3 days.

Yeah, Mother Nature is a marvel.

Hopefully, I'll have enough to use
and even more to share!

Have a great weekend, y'all!