Monday, September 3, 2012

Sproutin' Up!

Sprouts are a tasty addition to any salad or sandwich.
They can even be added to stir-frys or casseroles.
Aside from the extra crunch and added flavor they provide,
they are a nutritional boost to the diet.
We wanted to see if we could sprout our own.
What a great homeschooling project
or simply a fun way to get kids interested 
in where their food comes from.
Here's how we did it.

day 1
Take 1/2 C of raw beans or seeds
(I used lentils here)
and place them in a jar
with enough water to cover them.
Let them sit on a countertop or in a cabinet for a day.
I used a loose lid at first, then a paper towel to cover the top
fastened with a rubber band,
but if you have cheesecloth, you can use that.

day 2
Dump the soaking water.
Then rinse the beans and drain the water.
Place back on countertop with cover.
Repeat the rinsing process once before bedtime.
You can see that by the second day,
they are already sprouting!

day 3
I transferred them to a larger jar (quart-sized)
and kept rinsing and draining twice daily.

day 4
They are ready to eat when the tails are longer than the bean.
These will keep in the fridge for up to a week.
I leave 'em right in the jar and add them to my lunches.
What an easy and fun way to add more flavor and nutrition to your diet!

You can read more here and here.



  1. Germination will always be amazing to me. That 'crunch' is important some times isn't it?

    1. It's nice to have a mix of textures in salad.

  2. Sprouting is a winter sport for me. Now you made me hungry for some sprouts.

  3. I love sprouts. I usually forget to start them again once we've enjoyed them. The chickens love them as a "special treat". :-)

    1. I guess you need to have one jar started while the other jar is halfway done being eaten. Good to know the chicks are enjoying them.


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