Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

With the weather changing,
it makes it easy to get some gardening chores done.

We got a handful of sweet potatoes harvested.
For some reason, these are smaller and fewer in number
than in past years.

The seedlings I had started a few weeks ago
were planted in the veggie garden bed.

A few eggplant seedlings started in homemade pots...

and eggshells got planted.

This cotton plant displayed a beautiful cream-colored bloom.

It turned a lovely shade of rose.

Hey, it really works!
Nature is truly amazing in all that it provides.

dwarf Fakahatchee grass

Butterfly vine

African Iris


I'm going to use this thryallis
on the west side of the house.
It's so colorful and is easily transplanted from seedlings.

morning glory vine

I hope you discover something wonderful
about this Tuesday.

The Chicken Chick

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  1. The homemade pots are such a nice idea. I never thought of using eggshells.

    1. I like that you can just bury the whole thing!


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