Thursday, August 2, 2012

Start August Off Right!

The first week of August is
National "Simplify Your Life" week.
With most folks returning from vacations
and getting ready for the start of school,
it's the perfect time to start new routines
and declutter what's not needed.

Here are some great tips to get you started
that I found on the following website:

1. Limit the incoming-
Limit what comes in your life. Paper, mail, ect..
Get on the do not call list to limit the incoming phone calls. Get your bills and financial statements online.

2. Paper Management-
Your filing system should have current items only.
Go through your mail everyday.

3. Have a launch area-
This is a place to put items that are going
out of the house the next day.

4. Plan the night before.
Before you go to bed each night, prep things for the morning. Set out your clothes for the next day
and load up your work bag.

5. If you don't use it lose it!

6. Cook in bulk..Cook large meals and freeze them.
This saves not only time but money.


8. Have a home for everything in your space..
no halfway houses

9. Keep a "to do" list.
Prioritize what needs to be done each day.

10. Shop in bulk- Stock up but don't overstock.

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