Monday, August 13, 2012

The Practical Mason Jar

I have a thing for jars.
There have been times when it just makes my day
to come upon a great deal on them.
They are hands-down the best way
to store beans, rice, sugar and flour and more.

The seal is airtight and the clear glass
lets you know exactly what you have in the pantry.
I haven't ventured into the world of canning yet,
but I'm looking forward to exploring
the hundreds of ways that my jars can be filled
with scrumptious and nutritious goodies.

Here are a few choice ideas:

1.  A bit of wire and some sand (or pebbles) turns Mason jars into lanterns for tea lights or votives.


2.  Place cutlery at a party or picnic.

Painted and Distressed Ball Mason Jars- Yellow, Gray and Light/Pastel Purple-Set of 3-Flower Vases, Rustic Wedding, Centerpieces

3.  Turn a quart-sized jar into a seed sprouter.

4.  Construct an on-the-wall storage idea using pipe straps and a length of scrap wood.

5.  Bake pies in a jar.

Blueberry Lattice Top Pies in a Jar
6. Serve ice cream, or jar up tea or lemonade, or pitchers of mixers for drinks; just stir in the spirits!

Mason Jar Cocktails

7.  Hang the jars with wire, then fill with string lights along a length of rope or clothes line.

8.  Catch those pesky fruit flies that often come home with you from the market.

9.  We keep our cotton and cotton swabs
right on the bathroom counter.

10.  This closet freshener was recently shared.

Jars have as many uses as folks who can dream them up.
There's a reason why they've been used
through the years.
Some things just never go out of style...

Here's a great post on ideas for the humble mason jar.




  1. Lots of great uses--I really like them strung up with lights.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Daisy. I need to get with the program. I've got tons of jars just sitting there doing nothing. Great ideas!!!

    1. I remember when you posted about your big score of jars! Can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  3. I love Mason Jars. I use them to drink out of also. I picked up 2 this weekend at a yard sale for a dime a peice. The really cute kind with the handle. LOVE IT!

    1. What a deal! Our next drinking glasses will be masons.

  4. I love them as well. I use them for canning, storing dried fruits and veggies, rice, beans, noodles etc. They are also great for making your own mixes in. I use pint jars for spice mixes, quart jars for brownie mixes etc. I found wide mouth half gallon jars a few years back at a garage sale that are great for storing juice in. I also have a nice collection of old blue jars.

  5. I love jars, too. I really should consider using them for pantry storage. Genius. And I love the wall storage idea, too.

    1. They can really organize your pantry, Kim.

  6. I have a thing for jars too. Since we have an open pantry I have used jars like crazy to store things. :-)
    I blogged about it too..

    1. Love how they look in an open pantry! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have never thought of all the uses for the mason jars. What great ideas. I really love the look of the lights. Thank you for sharing.

    1. There are so many more that I didn't post about! Hope it inspires you!

  8. Great ideas...I just love the daisy jars and ice cream!

    1. I can't decide which one I like the most!!!

  9. I love mason jars too! I just ditched our yucky tooth brush holder and replaced it with a lovely tinted vintage Atlas jar.
    I've just started a Repurposed Ideas Weekly blog hop and this would be a great post.
    Please consider joining me.

  10. I love the mason jars too@

  11. I too have a love for mason jars! I have to try the pie in a jar.


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