Thursday, August 23, 2012

One Simple Thing-Basket Case

Every room in our home is being downsized.
As we anticipate an out-of-state move
within the next year,
it just makes sense to free ourselves of all but the essentials.
Why pack, move and store what's not used on a regular basis?

Cookbooks were among the items sorted through
and all but a handful were donated to the library book store.
Any specific recipes that might be needed,
especially with allergies in the family,
can be easily found online or acquired at the local library.

This basket was picked up at a local thrift store for $2.
It's deep and wide enough
to store the few books I refer to on a regular basis.
A clothespin was added to secure any outgoing bills
or coupons that may soon expire.

Inside there is ample room for a cell phone,
keys, notes or store returns.
The basket can easily be taken to other areas
should the urge to browse occur.
The bonus is that instead of having to move
each and every book (and other items)
when wiping down counters,
simply lifting up one basket makes cleaning a breeze.

One Simple Thing


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  1. I may have missed a different post, but what state do you expect to move to? Still staying in the south?

    1. Yeah, my days in the cold winter are over...We're planning on moving to North Carolina. My best friend (Sister) lives there and we need to be near her.

  2. I love the idea . . . but in my family, my son would take one item here, my husband - one item there, throw in the daughter who would surely browse through a book and leave it somewhere . . . and I would be constantly picking up these things and putting them back in the basket for them to remove yet again. I am a total neat freak living in a tiny home with three total-NONE-neat-freaks. In my little corner I actually do have everything organized and in baskets (I love the ones made from recycled magazines)and my family is forbidden to mess with them! LOL - well, kind of forbidden. :-)

    1. Oh, eli, I feel for ya! Do whatchya can to keep a lil' piece of tidiness for yourself!


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