Friday, May 4, 2012

Book It...

We visit the library just about every week.
It still blows my mind sometimes just to think about
the fact that we can walk into this place,
take out as many books as we want
and keep them for up to a couple of months
What else is free these days?

Aside from the materials available for check-out,
there are many programs offered
such as free movies, workshops, computer classes
and much more.

What's the saying?
"So many books, so little time."

These self-service checkout kiosks
are a new addition.
You can even pay fines here.

The children's section has a wide selection of books,
music and periodicals for kids.

The computer card catalogue is equipped
with smaller keyboards
to encourage young readers to find their own books.
Desks are provided for those who have studying to do.

There are even puzzles for the youngest visitors.

Of course, the computers are a favorite of the kids
who frequent this space.

Grown-ups too, can select music C/D's
for their listening pleasure.

Magazines on a variety of subjects are yours for the taking.

Quiet areas allow those with serious work to concentrate.

These private cubicles are used by groups working on projects,
or by tutors (like me).

Materials may be reserved in advance and are placed here.
Our library even offers an online ordering service.
We featured it here.

Our library is one of the best places in town.
Hope you visit yours soon!

Happy reading this weekend, y'all!