Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

We got some much-needed rain yesterday,
with more scheduled to make an appearance
the rest of the week.
The garden and I couldn't be happier!

Rescued these from the "dead" rack for .35 cents each.

Marigolds are poppin' back all over!

Native Mondo grass

Lettuce gone to seed.
I'm leaving it right where it is,
hoping that it will reseed itself for the fall.
I'm so glad that I got a few harvests out of it this spring.
The variety I used was so tender and almost sweet.

The peas have been a bit disappointing.
Not sure why they are not doing better.

The potatoes seem to like this spot.

Basil coming up gangbusters!
Smells SO good!

The peanuts are comin' along.

Watermelon is slow growing.

Two tomato plants on the patio may actually yield fruit!
Maybe the bit of shade in the afternoon
has helped them stay strong.

Thank you Mother Nature for providing just what we need!

Enjoy your Bloomin' Tuesday, y'all!



  1. Glad to see you got some rain. It seemed to pass all around us...unfortunately. I'm sure your garden is looking bright and happy today.

  2. We have started with the afternoon rain storms....loving the rain, not the thunder boomers though. Your plants all look refreshed.

  3. Are those orange flowers from a butterfly bush? So pretty!

  4. I cant wait to see your peanuts. They have a variety that can grow way up here, but I wonder if it is worth the space. How much do each plant produce? I will be watching your harvest closely.

  5. I'm glad you got some rain. Everything looks nice and green now. They;ve been calling for rain here for days but it never does. Hopefully Thursday. You certainly have a lot of gardening going on! I hope you have a plentiful harvest. Jean

  6. Susan-That usually happens to us. I'll send some your way! ;0)

    Darla-They are, and so am I.

    Kim-If you mean the one in the pot, that's a kancheloe.

    Jane-This is my first time growing them, so I'll have to let you know!
    Homemade peanut butter is so much better than store-bought.

    Jean-Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  7. Happy you have has some rain. Dry here...... Everything is looking very happy in your garden.. envy the home grown peanuts

  8. Rosemary-I'm sending rain your way today!


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