Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Project

One of the projects we needed to accomplish
in order to put our home on the market
was tackling this kitchen cabinet replacement.

One small, unnoticed leak caused damage,
so we knew it would have to be replaced.

This was caused by cargo shorts being worn
and standing too close to the cabinet.
Tore the whole door right off.
Not once, but twice.
I guess Lil' Guy and I are exactly the right height
to cause this calamity.
It's not feasible to replace all of the knobs,
so we'll just make do.

Even though Big K is amazingly handy,
he didn't feel comfortable handling
this job because of all the pipes and connections.
We called in a professional.

The countertop, sink and cabinet were removed,
pipes disconnected and the area was cleaned up a bit.

We purchased the new cabinet at a big box store.

After the replacement was made,
the sink was reinstalled
and some serious vacuuming went on.

For now, the doors have been left off,
at least until two of our family members
grow a bit taller,
or stop wearing cargo shorts!

We are one step closer to headin' toward our homestead!


  1. One of the things I noticed on our last move was that all the "little things" that bothered us for years finally got fixed. Why didn't we do that all those years? LOL!
    The new cabinet looks great!

  2. Looks great, Daisy! SM wears cargo shorts all the time. I hadn't even considered it catching on the doors. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. A lot of kitchen countertops components include guidelines, but you should definitely, you might easily obtain a how-to e-book for just about any comparatively inexpensive cost.

  4. Sue-Thanks!

    tami-He may be the right height to clear the knobs. We just happen to be at exactly the same height as the cabinets. ;o


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