Monday, May 21, 2012

Secret Gardener

Wanna have some fun?
Start the Secret Gardener
in your neighborhood or workplace.
It's easy and makes you feel downright mischievous.
A friend of mine and I
decided to start it here in the neighborhood .
Here's how it works...

Make up a card with the instructions
 that can be passed on with the pot.

The other side introduces the game to the lucky recipient.
(Two cards are shown here.)

Take a bloom from your own yard and pot it up,
including the two-sided instruction card.
I used heavy packing tape to seal it
so it could be used again.
It's nice to add a tag identifying the plant too.

Remember playing the doorbell ditch game?
This one's more fun because you brighten someone's day.
I didn't ring the bell, just left it here and cruised on by.
Have a little fun and keep the good stuff movin'!