Thursday, May 24, 2012

Antique Fair

Last weekend, I had time to stroll downtown Bartow,
which is about 20 minutes from where we live.
It's the county seat and once a month
they host an antique fair in the street.
Nothin' wrong with browsing, eh?

It was just cool and shady enough
to be able to wander through
the various offerings. 
I have a need to be outside at least part of each day.

Love the retro look of this set.

I wished I had asked the vendor
what this thing-a-ma-jig was.
Anyone know?

Hope you can enjoy some outside time today!


  1. The best thing about antiques is how well they were made. I use mostly antiques in my home...much more durable than the flimsy crap out in stores nowadays. But, I don't know what that thinga-ma-jig is ......a funnel?

  2. Hum, I disagree. There IS something wrong with browsing. It leads to buying! I am not strong when it comes to bargains

  3. Looks like a salad shooter...

  4. Sue-I agree with you about quality. I thought funnel too, but there are two holes???
    Have a great trip!

    Jane-You would be a bad influence, I can see that. ;0)


  5. Saying hello over from Petals and Sunshine ;)

    I love the monthly antique street fairs - wish we had these around here...

    Anyway, I think I would like to guess about that strange looking pot - I think it's a Yerba Mate cup ;)
    And I really want one - I drink Yerba Mate all the time but this would be awesome to have ;)
    So I think - it's still a guess and it's quite modern looking from the traditional ones. But the concept of having the spout etc. is there.

    Let me know if I win a prize!? ;D

  6. ella-I don't know what Yerba Mate is. If I find out, I'll let post here!


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