Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alphabet Garden

A to Z

A is for alyssum

B is for bachelor's buttons

C is for cosmos

D is for daisy

E is for edging


F is for fakahatchee

G is for gaillardia

H is for hopper

I is for insect

J is for jasmine

K is for kancheloe

L is for lily

M is for maple

N is for nesting

O is for orange

P is for petunia

Q is for queenly

R is for rudbeckia

S is for sunflower

T is for thryallis

U is for up, up and away

V is for vinca

W is for wildflower

X is for x-frame
(This was a tough one)

Y is for yellow

Z is for zinnia

Enjoy your bloomin' Tuesday, y'all!

Cottage Garden Party - button (3)


  1. Daisy, I love this post! How creative! I think I may try this some day. Very well done, and lovely pics.

  2. You worked on that a little bit. Neat. Pretty blooms.

  3. Clever post idea--and you managed to get through the whole alphabet--well done! The bachelor's button photo, a favorite flower of mine, reminds me I need to get those seeds into my freshly dug garden bed soon.

  4. Great post! Love your blooms and creativity. Jean

  5. Lovely post and beautiful blooms.

  6. Darla-Aw, gee, thanks.

    Beth-Can't wait to see your version!

    Becca's Dirt-Glad you enjoyed it.

    Athena at Minervas Garden-Happy planting!

    Jean-Thanks for allowing me to share it with others.

    Suffia-Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Very impressive! Love the "x"!

  8. Wonderful, whimsical, beautiful post!

  9. Pam-Thanks!

    Ann-You are very kind. Thanks for visiting.

  10. What a fun blog post! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  11. oh, i hope you share this over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party too! such a cute post! xoox, tracie

  12. Lady Farmer-Thank you so much!

    Fishtail Cottage-Thanks for the invite!


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