Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Simple Thing-1 +1 =2 much

We are blessed to have a home of our own.
Especially these days,
when so many people are losing their homes,
we appreciate having a space where we can take refuge
from the outside world.
Everyone needs a place to call their own.

One of the ways to show the appreciation for our blessings
is to keep things simple.
Acknowlege the material possessions that make life easier
or help you to reach goals by
taking care of what you already have.
That is a reward in itself.

Keeping in mind that less really is more,
question the amount of items you're holding onto.
Is it necessary to have more than one item
that performs the same function?
Think about providing duplicate items
to someone who may not have what they need.
Perhaps you can find a tool that does several jobs,
so that you can still complete the task without using up
so much precious space.

Think about repurposing items currently in your possession.
There are a myriad of uses for everyday items such as
clothespins, fabric, jars and twine.
A book recently reviewed here is a treasure trove of ideas.

Realign your priorities with making use
of what you already have,
instead of feeling the need to acquire more.

Energy needs space to move.
Be respectful of what has already been provided you.
Decide today what is important to you

One Simple Thing


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  1. I am a big offender of this. I have way too much stuff, but then I find other stuff at flea markets, etc and how can I pass it up for a dollar! I need to do what you say and purge the old that I am not using.

  2. Jane-I know how you feel, I love flea markets and yard sales. I guess I figure, it's not a bargain if you have to worry where you'll put it and if you have to take care of it. That costs time!


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